Five Bar Hinging Gate Sets

Designed to provide a definite deterrent to rural trespassing whilst enhancing the country environment

  • Single leaf to 4 metres, double leaf available to 6 metres.

  • All gates include our underground cross bar which is welded from post to post to strengthen the gates, protect the cables which cross the opening, enhance reliability and make installation swift and as trouble free as possible.

  • Intensive use motors can manage busy entrances with up to 30 movements an hour. Built in sensitivity means they will reverse if they meet an obstacle. Flashing beacon warns of movement.

  • Solar generation system available when mains power is not viable.

  • Central electric locking gives a 2000kg holding force.

  • Safety beam from post to post stops the gates closing if they are blocked.

  • Steelwork is poly zinc primed and powdercoated. Galvanising is available as an option.

  • 25mm heavy duty hinges with Oilite bearings.

Assembled before delivery making installation simple and manageable. Simply dig a trench 300mm deep across the road, put post holes 760mm deep at each end and the gate drops into the hole in one piece.

240V power or solar power is run to the isolator switch and the gate is ready to commission.

All gates come with radio fobs. Other access control is available if required including additional safety beams, timers, intercoms, phone relays, keypads and road sensors.

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